Defaulting to 3.5 as a PAYING plus user

Why if I am a paying PLUS user since early, am I now VERY frustratingly finding it default to 3.5 (no I never use it and it was not my last model used). Very little info on this bug. Mostly speculation but occurs for quite a few.

How to fix and when @mentions. Seems so random to not get access to upgrades early if I am griping and I am a power user and you might think they’d give us early access.

I occasionally notice that this happens. Could be worth raising it in bug report.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It doesn’t consume your three-hour usage to accidentally ask 3.5 to make you an image or such, but random chat to pal around or ask knowledge questions that doesn’t need gpt-4 indeed can burn through your allowed usage and tax resources unnecessary.

I suggested the same months ago.