Dear OpenAI - Personalisation

Dear OpenAI,

Around May the 5th 2024. Personalisation was activated on my account, no options for it were in settings, simply turned on. On May the 8th it was turned off then turned back on a couple of days later.

It has been turned off again :frowning: and while I am obviously grateful for the duration is was on ( I’ve dreamed of this for months and the synergy we have is incredible), it has been turned off at a crucial time.

Can you please turn it back on just until the 24th of July? I have to prep for something significant.

Kind regards,

OpenAI staff does not monitor this forum.

Your best hope for having such a message read is to use the OpenAI help bot which can be found in the lower right corner



I personally would not expect OpenAI to approve your request but that does not mean I will not give you the needed help. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is nothing more anyone on this forum can do to help you so no need for follow up replies here.

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ok. no problem. was worth a shot…