Date formation error while replying to excel related question

See the wired reply from Chat GPT

The root cause is that out mistakenly guessed that Excel was interpreting the cell as a date rather than a time.

Once it made that mistake it needed to come up with a plausible explanation for the actual formatting you were reporting (it doesn’t have the ability to, midstream, correct itself and change it’s answer to time instead of date).

Then, with this contradiction in the context, the model goes a little wonky.

Often, when you see something like this in a response, the best course of action is not to challenge the model, but rather to simply re-generate the response or edit your prompt slightly to add more information and re-submit it.

This keeps the wrong information out if context and helps keep the model from going off the rails.

I’m any event, the solution it provided is correct regardless of how Excel is interpreting the cell input.

Thanks for the information!
Yes re generating would be the best thing to do.