Dangerous mode for creatives, safe mode for vanilla users

When I started my monthly subscription to ChatGPT 4 last year, 2023, I was impressed with it’s ability to use profanity, colorful language, and the wonderful “Sky” voice.

Now, it’s lame, safe, and boring, with only 1 female voice option.

And, I tried Hot Mods and that is a complete failure; it doesn’t even use any artifacts from my uploaded photos. Complete fail.

I am definitely not getting what I paid for when I first signed up.

Why can’t OpenAI add a “safe mode” for the conservatives or PC vanilla safe people and a “dangerous” mode for us creatives who want colorful, exciting, provocative and dangerous responses.

I’m not asking for hate speech, porn, racism, or methods to hurt people or things, but for the amazing ‘human-like’ responses I got when I first signed up.

Help, please. ChatGPT-4o is lame, boring, and not fun anymore, not to mention many aspects are broken. I’d like the interface back that I was happy to pay $20 a month for.

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