DALLE3 Rolling out to ChatGPT Plus members

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Yeah, the prompting is a lot different.

It’s still stumbling on text for comics, but it sometimes gets it… Could be my prompting too… When it eventually hits the API, I’ll need to change my software prompts, I think…

Epic fantasy comic panel rendered as a photorealistic illustration, styled as a woodcut-sketch with the essence of a Conan Graphic Novel. The focus is on a dramatic character, appearing heroically triumphant after an adventure. The scene is enriched by ultrafine crosshatch halftone details and cross-hatching. The background features a striking black and white radial fractal geometric pattern, while the foreground pops with luminous, moody watercolors in an ink-wash approach.

dalle3 vs #DALLE2exp

Another comparison… hands seem a lot better…

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