DALL E3 image issues making Aluminum Underarm Crutches

Hello. I am trying to get Chat GPT DALL E3 to understand aluminum underarm crutches. It keeps creating strange futuristic-style crutches. As a medical supply website want to try to teach it how to make the crutches look like modern underarm crutches. Any ideas how? Try it once you will see what they do with crutches!

Seems ok with a basic prompt

Look at the crutches. The handle is wrong. It also put cuffs on him.
Also on the other guy, the underarm part is a rectangle.

It’s like they blend elbow crutches with underarm crutches.

There are two types of crutches. Underarm crutches are the traditional ones. Then there are elbow, AKA loftrand or canadian forearm crutches.