Dall-E 3 image select, remix, etc

Sometimes Dalle (in the past few weeks it was fine before all the bugs, errors and server overloads were a thing and you stopped being able to do 4 images, which seems to now also not be doable for 2 images, unless that was a bug/limit yesterday) pumps out irrelevant prompts, currently probably due to a bug, but this seems to get more prominent as it has a very strong variability setting making generations veer more and more away from where you were over time, right now I copy prompts, but I need to go through the whole “popup enlarge” widow and then press the info button to get them. On top of that it now doesn’t generate more then 1 images at a time so I need to open each image to do that, It would be better if I could select images I like and give instruction added to those images that GPT would then use to make new images, so I can keep quality and explore prompts, or that when I click a box of an image that the prompt is clipped to my message box for me to add more to it.