Dall-E 2 Outpainting should allow the user to paint areas in each generated image to keep

I’ve noticed that while multiple images are generated with the new outpainting feature, often only pieces of each image are what I want. These pieces can be as simple as a small item on a shelf or a corner of a wall being just right whereas in other images it has artifacts.

Right now the workflow for selecting an outpainted result is all or nothing, so to use anything from one of the other images requires that one screenshot or extract the image in a separate program and combine them then reupload the new image. (Since there’s no fast way to download all 4 images this is obviously not ideal and very slow).

I’d suggest adding new tools the toolbar. The first would paint a highlight onto the current image that would select that region including it into the preview. Hitting the right arrow or clicking on preview (might be a bit light in my image) would show what will be saved. Refer to the image below for an ad-hoc mock-up. It has an erase tool as well, though it could just be a clear button. Clicking “Use Whole Image” would highlight the whole image.


There might be a cleaner way to design the UX, but those were just my initial thoughts.

Note if you draw a mask in one image highlighting a region then switch to another image you could display all the other highlight regions in red. You would not be able to highlight that in the current image. (Since the other image already said they’re masking those pixels).