DALL-E 2 access is BROKEN helppp

It says 50 prompts per 24 hours but keeps making me wait 1 hour to do 1 prompt. My friend has same problem. I can’t even use it now much.

The 50 generations limit is set over a 24 hour rolling window , this means that any time you press the generate button, you will only be allowed to generate something if you have made less than 50 generations in the last 24 hours, so for instance where I am it’s 6:50 AM, we are a Wednesday, so I can generate something if I have made less than 50 generations since yesterday (Tuesday) at 6:50 AM
source - DALL E 2 - DISCORD (PopFlamingo)

Hold on, there’s a Discord??

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You probably want this Discord below I linked, which works on/ displays/ chats about all types of DALL-E variants, modern AI, etc. And they are really cool and nice. There is a new DALL-E 2 discord, however, I got banned for just asking a question to the mod in charge even though I was helping and being totally formal and all, so I can’t say much about it other than its mostly prompt requests and lots of gaming youth perhaps? Anyway, kind of a boring discord then…


There is a reddit too showing thousands of DALL-E 2 work, only. It’s a endless gallery, it’s always amazing. Should be easy to find if search the name + reddit.

BTW, my D2 is working now, it was probably then the rolling window as he said above.

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