CustomGPT Limitation of 30 operation for an action

Wondering what are some of the work arounds for the maximum 30 operations when configuring a custom gpt action.
I keep getting the error “OpenAI spec can have a maximum of 30 operations”, screenshot attached.
Any ideas?

Could you share your entire Schema please?

same problem basically only 30 paths/end points are accepted regardless of operations etc… what is worse is you can’t even split the schema into multiple actions, it only allows 1 schema per domain (server/URL) - How can we get someone’s attention from OpenAI to chime in?

It is very hard to get attention from an OpenAI staff member.

Any ideas what we can try to get their attention? Would be good to know if there’s a workaround this limitation or if OpenAI are working on getting this sorted or if we are just doing something wrong.