- 10X Your Customer Engagement With ChatGPT API + All Your Data

CustomGPT lets you 10X your customer engagement with the ChatGPT API + Your Data. Build the chatbot with your website content, CRM databases, helpdesk articles, PDF/DOC,ZIP files and more.

Use the bot for customer service, embed it in your website, livechat, API integration, you name it.

Since our launch on ProductHunt a month ago, which instantly hit #1, we have implemented 100+ new features and had 500+ conversations with paying/Enterprise customers.

Check it out at and let me know what you think!

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Quick update: We just added multi-source data integration into the system. This allows customers to build consolidated bots with all their data sources like websites, helpdesks, documents, videos, podcasts and more.

Hi, i would like to know the maximun number of characters a custombot can handle. lets say i have a document with 30.000.000 characters. can the chatbot handle it?

how would it charge the plan in an affirmative case? i mean, lets say i create the bot and upload a csv file with 30.000.000 characters how does it work in terms of price?

Thanks for the good questions.

Our system works on embeddings and completions. So the bot can handle many GB worth of data (I saw one chatbot with 5GB of data).

So you should be able to upload your 30MB file with no problem.

Do note though : The completion call has a max 8K window – so only relevant chunks from your data will be put into the context window to answer the user’s query.

Each plan has a limit on the “words” it will index. So for your 30MB file, it will most likely be around 7-8M words. So the “Basic” plan should work fine.

Good luck - and do let me know if you run into any issues.

Awesome project but query limit is too strict for any reasonably sized company. I’ve heard this problem can be resolved with implementing your own OpenAI API. Is that true? If so, how to go about implementing this solution and how would it affect pricing?

We use only GPT-4 - that is why the query limit is strict. GPT-4 with context is very expensive - but also very powerful. To do some of the things needed by businesses (like hallucinations, Persona, etc) GPT-4 is needed.

PS: We don’t have “Bring Your Own Key”

@alden Hello, I’m from Brazil, and I have a CRM that I use in my supermarket to collect information about customers’ purchase history. I receive all their information when they identify themselves at my supermarket, including the customer’s name, their most recent purchase date, and the items they have bought. Can I use this data in your system to create purchase profiles and even suggest products based on their purchase history for personalized marketing strategies? I want to enhance the customer experience by recommending products and even identifying when they might be close to discontinuing a purchase based on their purchase history

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Hi Wellyson - thanks for thinking of us for this. Something like this would be possible if you use our API – but it would not be possible out-of-the-box.

Do you have developers who can do prototypes? (or do you need some out-of-the-box solution?)

PS: We do have other customers (in other industries) who do things like this.