Custom jsonl for fine-tuning?


I would like to fine-tune using a custom jsonl file.

Here is a sample:

{“prompt”:“”,“completion”:“For example, if one was to measure the heart rate and blood pressure of patient John, then these parameters may be correlated primarily because they are measurements from a common structure, and in this case a patient called John.”, “spans”:[{“start”:70, “end”:87, “label”:“Highlight”, “type”:[{“Normal”}]}][{“start”:166, “end”:190, “label”:“Highlight”, “type”:[{“Normal”}]}]}

How should I format this?

I was planning on using davinci.

Willaim Johnston

Here is a correct jsonl object:

{“prompt”:“”,“completion”:“Society allows an individual to sustain cognitive capability through influence and learning, and thus individuals learn to solve complex problems by communicating and interacting with other individuals (Engelbrecht, 2005; Marwala and Lagazio, 2011).”, “spans”:[{“start”:29, “end”:60, “label”:“Highlight”, “type”:[{“Normal”}]}][{“start”:79, “end”:82, “label”:“Highlight”, “type”:[{“Normal”}]}][{“start”:222, “end”:249, “label”:“Highlight”, “type”:[{“Normal”}]}]}