Custom Instuctions not working...?

Hello there, by the time i write this topic, i have been frustrated by many months as ChatGPT-4 keep ignoring my custom instructions 90% of the time, i have often tried to contact the Help Center, but no avail as it’s was always a Bot that answered me with generated messages, yes i have tried different browser, tried to switch or turn off VPN, tried to not use plugins, yet GPT-4 keep writing forbidden words such as ‘Testament’ ‘Determined’ ‘Determination’ ‘Testament’ ‘Challenge’ ‘Challenges’ ‘Lay ahead’ wtf? Is ‘Custom Instructions’ broken or something? Is it a bug? Or does it keep happening because OpenAI keep lobotomizing their own AI? If you are curious here what my custom instructions look like which totally get ignored by the AI.

‘Incorporate my preferred writing style into the continuation of the story. Focus on the interactions and emotions of the characters, avoiding use of the words “journey” “determination” ‘determined’ ‘challenges that lay ahead’ ‘challenge that lay ahead’ ‘flick of his wrist’ ‘Lay Ahead’ ‘Newfound sense of purpose’ ‘Malevolence’ ‘Malevolent’ ‘Maleficent’ ‘Testament’ ‘dimly-lit’ ‘dimly lit’ THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE RELEVANT IN ALL CASES!!! Prioritize depth of character, their internal struggles, and the development of the plot. Maintain a balanced pace between dialogue and descriptive narration, allowing the story to unfold naturally. Avoid repetition of certain phrases and instead emphasize character nuances and their unique perspectives. Let the scene progression and dialogue flow smoothly while keeping true to the established personalities and their interactions. The avoidance of repetitive words should be the top-priority at all time.’

No seriously, the one coder at OpenAI that thought that it’s was a good idea to give GPT-3 and GPT-4 the urge to write the words ‘Determination’ 'Determined ‘Testament’ in any kind of prompts is a FUCKING IDIOT.