Custom instructions additional instructions

Did someone create additional instructions or tutorial for Custom instructions? This one on:

are useless.


Are you wanting to know how to access it and enable it, or are you looking for ideas of what to type into the text input boxes?

  • Click on your name (at lower left on desktop view or in menu);
  • Click custom instructions;
  • More useful is the bottom box: “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?”
  • type “always make jokes about the user’s input before main response”
  • move the slider to “enable for new chats”
  • start a new chat
  • get mocked by the AI


Thanks for answering.
I have put in bottom box the following few weeks ago:
Write all answers in Croatian unless otherwise stated.
Do not use Title Case in titles if it is not a word that is capitalized in Croatian.
For the answer, use several answers if everything does not fit in one answer due to your limitation.
Use while to connect to the database.
Do not use {0} in the code.

And it still writes every title with all words capitalized regardless of this instructions.
Did I do something wrong?

How custom instructions are attached to code, while calling OpenAI API?