Custom gpt voice to conduct interviews

Im manifesting this project where, the custom gpt will conduct interviews to find the perfect fit for the given role. Do not need recruiters and the 30% commission from the job poster is ours. Anyone else interested? Im looking for funding and human who can manifest this project to its reality. Anyone who “know” about recruitment can find the value in this project.

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That is a use prohibited in the terms and conditions.

Usage policies. Building with the OpenAI API Platform.

Don’t perform or facilitate the following activities that may significantly impair the safety, wellbeing, or rights of others, including:

a. Providing tailored legal, medical/health, or financial advice without review by a qualified professional and disclosure of the use of AI assistance and its potential limitations
b. Making high-stakes automated decisions in domains that affect an individual’s safety, rights or well-being (e.g., law enforcement, migration, management of critical infrastructure, safety components of products, essential services, credit, employment, housing, education, social scoring, or insurance)

And is just poor.

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It also sounds like you have an idea, and you want someone else to both provide the funding and actually build the thing?

Am I getting this right?

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No, they want someone else to manifest the thing. It’s, like, totally different.

We conduct a general conversation and highlight issues. I dont see no policy clashes. If thats the case, no one can ever chat with AI. lol

Nope sir. built it. testing it now. a lot of work. looking for better ways each day.