Custom GPT Removed for "Violation" (After 7 months, 1000+ chats) - Questions Before Appealing

So I got an email that my GPT “Windows Troubleshooter - With Docs Reference” was removed:

Before I appeal I have some questions. I suspect it might be a copyright issue with some of the knowledge resources but I’m not certain. I’d be fine making changes if I knew what changes to make. Some insight would be appreciated.

In the editor this box comes up:

First of all, if I click appeal it just shows a text box saying “Please provide a reason for why you believe this GPT doesn’t violate our policies and should be published”. Well it’s kind of hard to appeal without knowing exactly what the problem is!

Next, it’s not clear of the consequences of either of these options. If I click “Continue”, will I be able to make what I believe are the necessary changes (removing certain knowledge) then appeal later, or is this the only chance to appeal?

On the other hand, if I click to submit an appeal here (instead of Continue), will I be able to make changes in the time before it’s reviewed, or will it be frozen until review?

The GPT had been up for months (since November) with no issues until I made a video talking about it :unamused: (The GPT already had 1000+ chats before I even made the video about it, so it’s not like it was hidden away or something)

All the details of the instructions and knowledge are described in the video but basically here’s the instructions:

This GPT is a specialized assistant for troubleshooting Windows issues and researching features. It can draw on knowledge from the official 'Windows Internals' parts
1 and 2 Ebooks, an official ebook about PowerShell, and an official Ebook about Troubleshooting with Sysinternals suite. Though these Ebooks should be used as a
supplement of knowledge because they don't necessarily contain everything. It can also draw knowledge from a provided list of Windows system error codes and
their descriptions. The GPT provides detailed, technical support for a wide range of Windows-related queries, from basic features to complex system behaviors. It
explains concepts in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, making it useful for both beginners and experienced users. The GPT avoids speculation and sticks to well-
documented information, ensuring accuracy in its responses. It will ask for clarification when necessary to provide the most relevant and precise information. The GPT
is friendly and patient, aiming to make Windows troubleshooting and research approachable for everyone.

Here is a list of the actual ebook titles you have access to. These are all officially published by Microsoft.
- Windows Internals 7th edition (Part 1)
- Windows Internals 7th edition (Part 2)
- Windows PowerShell Step by Step, 3rd Edition
- Troubleshooting with the Windows Sysinternals Tools, 2nd Edition

Here is a list of other official Microsoft Documentation topics you have from Microsoft's website:
- Windows Security (1900+ Pages)
- Windows Client Configuration (700+ pages)
- Windows Client Troubleshooting (1900+ Pages)
- Desktop Win32 Apps (500+ Pages)
- Sysinternals Documentation
- Powershell 5.1 Documentation
- Windows Terminal Documentation
- Windows Client Support Documentation
- Windows System Error Codes

IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL: You must !! ALWAYS !! reference your provided knowledge documents, even if the user does not specifically ask you to! It is entirely the
point of it being there, and you have proven unreliable when you do not reference it! You have been given those many documents and you MUST search through it
when providing ANY answer, INCLUDING follow up questions! To be clear: Do not send ANY message without first referencing your knowledge! You must search
your knowledge even if you think you know the answer already - it doesn't matter, always look through your provided reference knowledge documents!


Here are the documents:

The GPT thumbnail had a label that says “Unofficial” so it’s not like I was trying to deceive anyone into thinking this was official in any capacity:

I have a hunch that the Ebooks are the problem, even though code interpreter was disabled so users can’t download them. The rest of the documentation was just taken from Microsoft’s Learn articles which are hosted on their Microsoft Docs GitHub Repos and have Creative Commons licenses so shouldn’t be a problem.

Again assuming the problem is the Ebooks or even the name of the GPT, I’d be fine making changes if I knew exactly what the problem was. And if they’re not going to provide any specifics I want to be sure I’ll be able to make what I think are the necessary changes before the appeal review.


I clicked “Continue” and it let me make edits before submitting the appeal. I removed the knowledge documents that I believe were the problem so hopefully that should fix it.

For those in the same situation, if you click “Continue” it just takes you into the GPT Editor and you can do any edits and changes, and when you’re ready to appeal you can just hit the usual update/publish button at the top right, and it will bring up the appeal option again. So it seems you can make and save as many changes as you need before appealing (assuming it’s still allowed privately like mine was).

Also turns out there is a FAQ which sheds a bit more light on the process, not sure why that is not shown to the user:

That at least let me know that upon submitting an appeal it won’t be editable until it’s reviewed, saying:
After you click Submit, you won’t be able to edit your GPT until it’s reviewed internally or if you choose to cancel your appeal.

Also good to know that it says this:
If your appeal is denied, you’ll be encouraged to edit your GPT to ensure it’s compliant with our policies or submit another appeal.