Custom GPT for your site - Open-source Custom GPT builder for your website using Assistant API

Hello all

Excited to bring Open Custom GPT to you all - an open source repo to help you train and embed your own custom gpt

Train a custom GPT and host it on your site using Assistant API

Here is the link to the project - GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api

Happy to get your feedback on the project


Where is the api key stored in the project stored . Is it safe to input the api key and use it


Since it’s self-hosted everything is stored on your server itself, there is no information shared and hence secure


Where can I host it. Any suggestions for a simple to use hosting for this

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Since it’s a Nextjs app, the easiest way to deploy it would be on Vercel

following on from @matcha72 comment, you could run this from a spare laptop in your basement, a 5$ a month VPS from a hosting service, Vercel, AWS, Google cloud, or Azure, a co-lo in a rack at your local ISP’s datacentre… lots of options.

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Thanks for sharing. Many of these have free options like Vercel or provide free credits like AWS, Google cloud or Azure which should be more than enough to start

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@Foxabilo Valuable info, thank you for the share

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Here is a link to the demo video involving setting up a custom gpt assistant trained on pdf to answer questions


could be possible to run and host the code on Replit? I’m very interested to try it

Warning: This is no more than the features of the “assistants” api.

It is disingenuous to call it “custom GPT for your site”.

Also, “assistants” can have spiraling costs with opaque billing, making them unsuitable for public facing or paid applications.


You should be able to run it on Vercel directly. I can check the requirement for a Replit version, you can raise an issue on Github Issues · SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT · GitHub

Cool, how does it compare to Magic Cloud?

It is mentioned in the title itself that it is based on Assistant API. It is a Nocode Custom GPT builder using Assistant API

And you can host and embed the GPT on your site as can be seen in the demo video, which allows you to share the GPT with your users without the need for a Plus subscription

Regarding the costs, it is subjective and definitely needs to be monitored in production

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This is based on new Assistants Api and can create a GPT like experience compared to Magic cloud which is more of a RAG application

Major advantages being with this open-source project, you can
Use code-interpreter
Function calling

which is not possible in RAG apps

Cool, but there’s an API thing in Magic too allowing you to create No-Code / Low-Code APIs you embed into GPTs …

I can see it is not based on Assistants api so definitely won’t be good like GitHub - SamurAIGPT/Open-Custom-GPT: Create Custom GPT and add/embed on your site using Assistants api since it’s just a wrapper.

The backend in C# is a huge negative as it’s not used much by developers

As of now, only one bot is supported to be trained and to be embedded. I will be adding an update to support more soon. Meanwhile you can raise an issue if you want to mention anything specific

I have added this request to our roadmap, will be releasing an update over the next coming week

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Open Custom GPT now supports embed code to embed the Custom GPT on your website and share with your users