Critical Issue: Non-Plus Users Misled by Custom GPT Model Links

Dear OpenAI Team and Community,

As a custom GPT author, I must urgently highlight an issue severely impacting our ability to share our creations.

Key Issue:
When non-Plus users click a custom GPT link, they are redirected to ChatGPT 3.5 without indication. This completely misleads users.

Suggested Action:
I urge you to promptly resolve this by directing non-Plus users to:
Ideal: A limited trial of the custom model before presenting a Plus upgrade option.
Minimum: An explanation the model requires Plus, with a subscription prompt.

This issue critically hinders custom authors from showcasing our work and cultivating an engaged audience. Resolution is vital for many affected authors like myself. I’m eager to provide details to reproduce this problem and implement an effective solution that allows proper sharing of custom models without confusion.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Any effort you can make towards raising awareness at OpenAI to get this concern prioritized and addressed is greatly appreciated - it is urgently needed to enable custom GPTs to thrive.


I support this constructive suggestion.

It should be easy to improve the current situation and if the new users sign-up: win-win.

Great remediation ideas, Non Plus users need a smooth journey into a branded explanation with signup. The low fidelity or limited token version would be best!

You’d think this would have been considered before releasing models to the ‘public’… lets get it fixed ASAP, don’t feel comfortable sharing my model now. Can we get a notification when this issue is fixed?

Following up on this feature request:
The feature has been implemented.

  1. If a user without plus subscription is forwarded to a Custom GPT then the button at the bottom of the page now asks to upgrade to Plus in order to chat with the Custom GPT.

  2. If a link to a conversation is shared with a plus user then the CTA is something along the lines of “Start a chat with Name of the Custom GPT”

  3. If the user is not logged in they will be forwarded to the custom GPT after logging in.

I didn’t test all cases but the issue appears to be resolved for good.

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