Creative writting help - suggestion

Hi! Can i please make a suggestion?

Is it possible to please create a gbt that has the capacity to store large amounts of text in a conversation (such as my novel that i’ve written so far in order to reference?
That way the ai has context to my questions and can more accuratly keep track of relevant information?

At the moment, when brain storming with ai, the ai draws context from the conversation as a whole and doesnt seem to differentiate between answers that weren’t helpful and arent relevant going forward.

It would be a great help to be able to have input boxes in the conversstion setting that is able to handle large amounts of text (like my sotry so far) so that i dont have to keep starting a new conversation and spending a long time catching it up to where im at/teaching it again.

Or, another option:
In the already establish creative writting chatbot, can you add a feature where you can supply the plot summary, charater building (including their role in the story
personality, and back stories), chapter break down, conflicts, etc.

It would be a major help. Ive seen other ai companies that have complex algorithms for writing help with similar input options, but i find that the ai doesnt come close to compairing with open ai chatgbt.

Thanks! :slight_smile: