Creative Writing Coach Finetune is complete

Example output:

The opening of this story is very strong. You immediately set the scene and introduce the conflict. I especially like the way you describe the warmaiden and the demon. The warmaiden is very brave and determined, while the demon is sly and manipulative.

However, I feel like the middle of the story drags a bit. The dialogue between the warmaiden and the demon feels a bit stilted and unnatural. You also introduce a lot of new characters, which makes it difficult to follow the plot.

The ending of the story is also very strong. The twist is unexpected and very clever. Overall, I think you have a lot of potential as a writer. With a bit of work, I think you could produce some really great work.

Keep up the good work!


this is really cool, but the video and repo seem to be private now – would it be possible to get access to it?