Creating Chatbot for Bank


I am trying to create Chatbot for one of the Bank. Using Chatbot customer can do banking activities and financial transactions such as account summary, last 5 transactions, fund transfer, account opening, applying for card, reset pin, etc. We will use ChatGPT for better customer response so how to secure all the information whatever customer is entering such as last 4 digit of card, OTP or any other PII information. Is there any plugin or any other application available to secure all the information. Please share your recommendations.
Thank you

Creating a privacy-respecting Chatbot for a bank can be complex. You may opt for paid solutions that offer robust security features. Additionally, consider giving access to deploy the Chatbot in your controlled environment to maintain data control and security.

To secure customer data in your banking Chatbot:

1 Use encryption for data in transit and at rest.
2 Tokenize sensitive information.
3 Implement strong authentication and authorization.
4 Adhere to data protection regulations.
5 Regularly monitor for security threats.
6 Keep software updated.
7 Train your team on security practices.

my recommendations:
Microsoft Azure