Creating an API for my jobs data entry department

Hello everyone. I am new to coding and have little to no experience prior. I had a thought that if i take the cloud vision API and plug it into chatGPT that i could use that to upload images to and have it spit out the information into a “form”. Essentially being a data entry person.

However i am kinda lost on where to start. Is this something that is feasible? Could anyone help nudge me in the right direction? All responses are appreciated.

You might be able to achieve that without chatGPT. Where does this form connect to on the back end? It might be a service that has its own API and endpoint where you could just send the cloud vision output directly. You’d just have to code it up so it is in the format such an API is expecting, if there is one.

(In your analogy an endpoint would be one of the various ‘plugs’ to send different types of data or do different commands basically).