Creating a GPT-Assistant with dynamical content base

Hi there

I would like to use AI to build a research assistant that processes content (links, PDFs, audio, audiotranscripts etc.), summarizes it for me or prepares it for a newsletter and gives answers to my questions according to the dataset. A read it later service on steroids, so to speak.

  1. I feed the assistant with the basics (who am I, what do I do, what do I expect, any basic content information)

  2. I read/listen/watch something. Instead of bookmarking it, I send it to an e-mail address, for example.

  3. the assistant receives the element (PDF, web page, audio, video) and “processes” it. e.g. it transcribes audio, parses html articles and so on. Then the LLM internalizes it.

  1. If I ask a question, e.g: I want to write a LinkedIn post on the topic of “competence orientation and genKI”. It helps me formulate it and makes suggestions based on the database with the basic and the dynamic content … and also shows the sources of the information.

Is this possible? How would you proceed? Or does such a service already exist? And maybe there’s a low-code/or no-code solution, any tutorials … ?