Create any API that you want with this

Hi ai engineers, it’s me again,

These days i’ve been working in a lot of new projects using the amazing new features that openai give us. But walking through all these new gpt’s creators, i notice that a lot of us don’t know how to code, so when we have an idea that can be added to out GPT’s we can´t create it or even think in a custom solution for our companies or clients.

So to help you all achieve what you are looking for, i create “API Alchemist”, a tool that can create any API that you can want. It gives you all the items to create and launch your solutions in seconds. You only have to talk about your idea and how you want to do it, and API Alchemist its going to give you codes, openapi schemas, libraries to use, deployment and much more!

API Alchemist URL

Keep up the great work!

and have a great day!

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