Create a row of reminder buttons on CHATGPT with a text box to the right trust me this is genius

I don’t know how many times you know I have to tell it do not output the full code only output the functions that you change for me like over and over and your memory system is awesome I mean it keeps things into memory so this can work but my idea is just like the DJ samplers in the 80s you put a row of ten buttons to the right of the message box vertically each one with a text box to the right so I could put in the top message box voice type a reminder in there that says only output the code that you change for me and then when it starts to output something I just hit that button real quick and then it stops the process send put some message in the message box and you know runs it again on the chat GPT website so you know and then later on let’s say it Maybe adds too little of a print statements when I tell it to add print statements to something then I could click a button where I have that reminder in it too when it starts to output print statements i’ll notice that it’s not out putting enough and then I could just click that and automatically rerun it your memory system you know I’m constantly telling it save this into memory and it just doesn’t remember these things but this’ll work whenever I stop and restart it with the new command saying oh you did this wrong then it always fixes it perfectly

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Ohh and it shouldn’t take it up on itself to automatically save things into memory like when I’m coding I gotta have that memory clear so the above you know if I just tell it specifically don’t output code with placeholders because I’m a competent developer all I need is the section of code that you change for me then I would like that to be the only thing in memory and until I specifically add something else and then I could be assured that I have the best shot at it following those instructions because now with your setup i’ll give it those instructions and it saves so many arbitrary things in memory that they conflict with each other so you’re not gonna be able to you know get the exact Instruction followed that you need to have followed with the current system

Yeah I used to constantly have to tell it output the full code no placeholders while I was still learning but I’ve been doing this for two years and working with GPT makes you so smart at code that now I have to go the opposite way but yeah if you could definitely like this post you know put up even another post like this to get more attention then we could have a one click solution when this happens where we could enter whatever phrase We want and click a button and it’ll just rerun the operateion with that phrase… Thanks for posting here!!.