Create a description of a hand-drawn image of a stairway


I have a quick question, I would like to use GPT to create a description of a hand-drawn image of a stairway. This description needs to be suitable to be used as an actual description I can use for the product.

If possible it should be flowery language that they would use for art sketches

Do y’all know if that is possible and how I can instruct GPT to create it?

I mean… you could describe it to ChatGPT which could then embellish your description. But ChatGPT cannot process image data.

You might want to try Bing.

Edit: I Binged it for you,

The image portrays a picturesque stone staircase, winding its way up to a quaint abode nestled amidst the verdant foliage. The staircase, crafted from large, uneven stones, is adorned with an array of vibrant flora that adds to the charm of the scene. The tree, towering above with its boughs outstretched, provides a canopy of leaves that rustle gently in the breeze. The humble dwelling, with its thatched roof and chimney, exudes a sense of warmth and comfort. A wooden barrel and flower pot, placed thoughtfully to the side of the staircase, complete the idyllic setting. The monochromatic sketch captures the essence of the scene with remarkable depth and detail, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in its serene beauty.


You can use the Bing Chat app for iOS or Android or go to The New Bing - Terms of Use using the Edge browser on your mobile or desktop.


yes, Yes, YES!!! This is actually what I was looking for, now I need to check if I can tell the bot to write it in such a way, that it’s describing the artist in the third person.

“Frank Forius did a splendid job capturing the minute details of this magnificent scene, here in his latest piece called Stairway le Vieux” etc…

Can you send a link to the page, I can not find this. Or is it subscription based, or perhaps an app?

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If I click on ‘solved’ does it close the thread or are you going to stop replying, if I had further questions?

We can continue to discuss this in a solved thread as long as it’s relevant to the core topic, but I would recommend you take what you have now, play and experiment a bit, then come back and start a new topic in the Prompting category if you need help getting the description to be precisely what you’re looking for.

Feel free to tag me in the new topic if you want to ensure I see it, but there are plenty of other people here who will be better equipped to help you craft the perfect prompt.

I’ll leave you with one last suggestion though.

Prime the response with some details in the image you want to be sure it mentions—I did not.

If this were my own project, I might say sometime about the stairs seemingly going nowhere and mention it feels warm and inviting despite having the appearance of some long forgotten ruins.

I’d also transition away from suggesting it use “flowery” language and instead try something like “bold and evocative.”

But, again, play with it and have fun, then come back to either show your final product here along with how you ultimately prompted the model or to ask for more help with the prompt in a new topic.

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