Create a Bot using assistant API

Hello all I wanted to create a bot using the assistant api that takes different pdf files as input and generates quiz based on that uploaded pdf file. Please help me with the procedure that I have to follow.
Thanks in advance :blush:

Welcome to the forum, KISHORE!

Are you building a bot for yourself or as a product?

Hey Tony, I am building it myself as of now but hoping to release it as a product

So, important thing to understand is that Assistants API are still in beta and they are nowhere close to being production ready. But they may be an extremely helpful asset if used for oneself.

Now, back to your question. It is very general. If you are a developer, just go use The API is pretty straightforward.

Otherwise, please elaborate which concerns you have.

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I went through the documentation of Assistant Api it was helpful but then I was thinking of using langchain for this bot

I worked a lot with LangChain, but haven’t worked with Assistants API through LangChain, so unfortunately won’t be able to tell you anything here.

Okay please let me know any tutorial that I can start with for langchain

I was learning it taking some YouTube videos as a motivation and then applying what I learnt there on my use-cases using the documentation.

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