Crazy Fraud Usage Need Help

Hey! I saw my account was racking up crazy charges for November even though I rotated my API key in September and it said “Never” under “Last Used.” When I looked at help they said immediately rotate your API Key which I did but I guess it shouldn’t really matter since it is never used. Also my account hard limit is at $0.01 because I knew I was going to take some break from developing. Now the charges are in the thousands. I contacted support and received a response over a week ago that it will be looked into. The last thing I want is to be hit with a crazy bill at the end of this month. Will open AI get rid of these fraud charges or how do I get rid of this. Thanks for the help!

Did you expose your API somewhere in code ?
Set it as an environment variable.

Thanks for the reply! I have not even used the API Key though. When I click on API keys and look under Last Used, it says “Never.”