Cost to train own ChatGpt on a 3000 page pdf

I would like to estimate the cost of how much ot would be to train my own ChatGPT with a 3000 page pdf document.

I see the pay as you go subacription but the pricing doesnt help with calculating total cost.

What do you mean by training your own? Fine tuning? What are you trying to do with it?

You can most things without training. GPT popularity triggered because it was few shot or low shot - just give one or two examples and it’ll emulate the example. We do things like writing stories similar to that from a book.

If you want to answer questions based on the content of a book, then you might look into embeddings. There’s lots of chat with pdf services available too, not related to ChatGPT.

Many of these services are part of the API and not the ChatGPT service, so this could be the wrong subforum to ask.