Copy Generated Response

I would like to suggest that OpenAI consider adding a “Copy Text” button in Chat GPT. This would allow users to easily copy the generated response text and paste it into other documents or messages. It would be a useful feature for those who want to use the generated text outside of the Chat GPT interface.

Additionally, it would also make the usage of the platform more user-friendly and efficient, especially for users who need to use the generated text for further processing or for sharing the same with others.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.


Could you please change the forum category of your feature request to the ChatGPT category?

You posted your feature request in the API Feedback category but you are discussing ChatGPT, not the API in your feature request.

I don’t have permissions to change the category, otherwise I would have already made the change.


Okay will do That, Thankyou

Keval Patel

Hi @keval.pmc20, You can install this chrome extension that let’s you to copy the answer generated by ChatGPT.

The extension doesn’t seem to be working anymore, at least on my computers.