Cool suggestion to improve using experience

Dear openAI developer,
I have a most useful feature to tell you, may be it was suggested before, anyway i’m telling you :slightly_smiling_face:.

PROBLEM: While using chatGPT on my pc browser i used to ask some question, and if i want edit previous question( to ask again ) i have to copy it and paste it to the search bar, and i struggle in that, may be other user also feel some struggle :grimacing:.

SOLUTION: Can you do something like we do in operating system’s terminal (command prompt, console) in which we access previous command by arrow keys (up and down) and then we reuse/edit it. Similar to that in chatGPT page, we can access previous asked question by pressing arrow keys (up and down) to edit/reuse it. Can you do that, if possible please do that. we will be very grateful :blush:.

If like my suggestion please don’t hesitate to thank me. Contact me in my email.
Good bye. signing off :wink: .