Conversion - dollar exchange rate

Hello team, I am getting an year old Exchange rate when asking to convert Mexican Pesos to USD, this should be easy to get updated information to provide better answers

This issue has been resolved in several ways already.

  1. web browsing:

  2. actions and tool calls.
    A simple web search will fix you up because I cannot make a good recommendation right of the bat.

In a broader sense I hope you can see how many different questions can be resolved via these tools.

I see.

It was just my comment because this is what I see when I try to convert

I sure can find the conversion at web search, just wondered why I get this response mentioning Jan 22 conversion rate.

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Yes, you may need to upgrade to the plus version. Should have spotted that earlier.

ok, I understand
Thanks for pointing that out.

Since this is a quite simple and very frequent response, wonder if why that was not updated on the free version

If you don’t mind you can mark this topic as solved. We will then close it for future reference.


Do you mind giving me the directions to mark it as solved?
Could not find it

sure, do you mind giving me the directions on how to mark it as solved?

It should look something like this: