Conversation grouping – a proposal for more efficient work

Hi! I have another suggestion. When working on multiple projects at once, it’s easy to get lost in the multitude of conversations we often conduct alternately. Sometimes we return to a topic after a few days or even weeks, starting new threads and losing track of previous ones. Therefore, I would like to propose the possibility of categorizing individual conversations - creating pinned categories for specific chats.

Imagine a menu on the left side of the screen where we could create groups for our chats. Each group would correspond to a different project or topic. For example, when working on training materials, we could have one group for conversations in which we are editing texts, and another for those in which we ask the chat to generate appropriate icons, graphics, etc. This already gives us three different conversations, which we could easily organize into two groups, instead of letting them mix with other, less thematically related chats.

Such grouping of conversations would greatly simplify our lives, especially when working on diverse projects. We would no longer have to search through the entire chat history for those few key threads. Everything would be organized and easily accessible, allowing us to work faster, more focused, and more efficiently.

Introducing this feature into our chat could change the way we manage our conversations. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and lost among countless conversations, we could enjoy a clean, organized interface that helps us stay organized and up-to-date with all projects.

Best regards,