Conversation generation: Both conversation partners asking questions


I have the following prompt to generate a conversation:

This is a long, detailed, and entertaining conversation between Person Alpha and a Human about Person Alpha’s beard. The answers of Human and Person Alpha consist of one or two sentences. The conversation stops after 10 completions which is Person Alpha and Human talking. Continue from 1) all the way to 10).

1 ) Person Alpha: It is a pleasure to meet you.
2 ) Human:

It works well and most of the time 10 completions (turns) are generated. The problem I’m facing now is that most of the time Human ask questions and Person Alpha answers. Sometimes it is the opposite (Personal Alpha asks questions and Human answers). Typically, a conversation does not consists of only one person asking questions but both person should ask questions.

How can I alter my prompt to achieve this without giving examples of conversations? I tried to add “Both conversational partners ask questions.” and “Person Alpha and Human ask questions.” but this does not help.