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I have tried to contact support for help with my account and it says that it will take a maximum of 1 day for them to reply

OK! it’s now been 2 months and here 3 weeks ago I could see there was someone who had seen my message but hasn’t replied, it’s just not ok

whether they can help me or can’t help me, they have to answer, it’s there because they have this chat

Imagine ppl that got banned from DALLE because the GPT-3 used forbidden words like “soviet”, “ugly” and so on …
Imagine how much frustration

what are you talking about?

their support is very slow and frustrating

They’ve been very quick to respond back to me in the past, especially on critical issues. With DALL-E 2 being released and GPT-3’s availability increasing rapidly to the public, I can assume they’re swamped with support tickets left and right.

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