Constantly saying it's not capable of doing something it is

I upgraded to being a plus user yesterday and have been having a pretty significant issue.

When I’m interacting with chat gpt 4 or Dall-e, chatGPT will periodically tell me it’s not capable of a function.

For instance, I try to generate an image using dall-e and it tells me it’s not capable of creating images and will generate an image description instead.

The main GPT 4 model will tell me it’s not capable of browse with bing (which I was able to utilize as it’s own drop-down option yesterday, I assumed based off of a blog I read that it was merged with GPT 4’s functionality but it simply will not let me use it that way. It’s not in my beta feature settings area, either.)

In Advanced Data Analysis mode it will tell me it’s not capable of looking at files I’ve uploaded, that said capability is a security risk.

Often as I’m exchanging prompt dialogues with chat GPT it will tell me “The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model.” not sure if this is part of the problem or not.

I appreciate any help or insight!

update: now I can’t access or view beta features at all in my settings. It’s also periodically been locking the chatgpt 4 drop down menu as if I don’t have a plus account, which clearing cache and temp data has not helped fix. I essentially just reload the page until it comes back.