Consider content publication date

Dear development team,
During my conversations with GPT3.5 with a lot of questions about event dates, I realized that when we search for date information based on content publication date the answers are not satisfactory, as GPT only considers the dates informed in the content of the publications, but if the date is not specified, it does not consider the publication date, for example:

PROMPT: “In what year did publications talking about artificial intelligence begin to appear on the internet”

It may be that decades before the official emergence of AI, people were already commenting on something, it would be interesting to have a function that could consider the date when a certain subject was discovered or indexed, this helps with historical cataloguing.

A more practical example is that I am now carrying out work on the evolution of user authentication methods and I would like to know when the concept of MFA began to emerge, that is, it would be based on the first posts on the subject as there is no official date launch of the MFA.

Would it be possible to unveil a functionality?
Thank you for your attention and congratulations on the great work that has been done so far.

Daniel Costa