Confusion with the vector storage option when searching for files

can i have same code for windows??

Sorry I didn’t understand your question. Code for Windows?

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I ran into the exact same problem as you. Tried to find a fix for 6 hours now. I give up. I have the assistant created, the vector stores attached with a dataset, and for whatever reason every time a new message thread is created, it is created with no “vector stores”. So when I ask for a specific file, all I get is “File not found”.

Are you attaching the Vector Stores to Assistant? or the Thread? Also, what are the files extension?

Yes I’m attaching the vector stores to the assistant. I can even view the list of all files associated with the assistant and it correctly labels them all. All of them are .PDFs. They worked before very well but now I can’t seem to get them to work since v2 came out.

Can you check the Migration again? Here’s Assistant Migration Guide from V1 to V2. Make sure you didn’t miss any steps.

I ran into the same problem, and the assistant gets mixed up in two files, doesn’t know where to get the information, even if you write down the details. Perhaps because the content of the files is a little similar (one - real estate catalog, the second - a table with detailed data on real estate). Tried to specify ID files in the promt, write a description of the files inside the files themselves, such as: “This file contains information about…”, but nothing helps, the bot still does not navigate them. Tried to download in different formats: txt, json, pdf, did not notice any differences. I would like to hear your suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thank you

@MrFriday what are the differences between attaching Vector stores to assistant or thread/message?
I notice that if you add attachments to message it creates a new vector store, tho if you dont it does not.
Doing it both ways am getting Not used by any resources on the vectore store.
Is this correct?

An attachment direct to a message will create another vector store, auto-persisting for 7 days. Persisting after the thread is deleted. Not able to be removed from a message.


Here is one auto-created by that method:


Attach to a thread or assistant is straightforward. The tool_resources can be modified. They all add chunks to the single search the AI can perform.

@_j already covered it. Attaching VS to Threads gives you more dynamic control on what databases you want the assistant to run in case you are planning to have multiple Vector Stores.