Configure Azure OpenAI to access Cognitive Search


When using Azure.OpenAI, we can link Azure OpenAI with cognitive services search configuring the class AzureCognitiveSearchChatExtensionConfiguration.

The property EmbeddingEndpoint needs to point to an embedding model in open ai.

Here is the problem: There is no public endpoint directly to the models. The endpoint is to openai and this is not accepted.

From a very trustworthy source, I received the feedback : “Yes, this link is not public yet, you need to ‘contact OpenAI’ and they will provide the link you need to use in your configuration”

I’m posting here in hope someone could help.

Based on other messages, maybe it’s possible to imply what’s the format of this link, allowing me to move ahead ?


Someone here knows what ‘contact OpenAI’ means and how should I proceed?

Thank you in advance!