Conceptual solitaire

Hi guys

I’m reading a book by an ex-advertising man called "the Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy’ by Tom Monahan. Its a book that teaches creative thinking, and one section describes ‘Conceptual Solitaire’

I’ll quote the technique here as i want to replicate this process in playground.

"Step 1. Choose an issue to brainstorm solo. Preferably it is an issue you’re currently facing, something that may have popped up this week or something you’ve been facing for years without a solution.

Step 2. Write your problem on the top line of this worksheet. I suggest trying to get the problem down to 8 to 12 words. I also suggest the first sentence be a question.

Step 3. On the second line write a second sentence that incorporates a key word or phrase from your first sentence. (The second sentence doesn’t have to be a question.)

Step 4 and on. Continue to rephrase the statement on each successive line, incorporating a new key word or phrase from each preceding sentence into the sentence immediately following."

So i’m looking for a feedback loop or some kind of method that will allow me to put in a topic and then produce say ten sentences, each sentence feeding into the next. This would morph the ideas and lead to a kind of lateral thinking / random output that could trigger new ideas.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Yours Ross