Competing against Big Tech?

I currently pay for GPT as well as the APIs. I am using chat gpt to help with coding projects to check and help organize modules. I have gotten repeated errors when asking for help building an STT/TTS AI assistant as well as GPT slipping in “hypothetical” or “Psuedo-code” into my project. When Ive detected these Ive been met with refusal to help with my projects. It seems that Chat GPT and Bard both refuse to help anyone who is working on a project that may encroach on Microsofts or Googles market space. I am working from a cracked laptop with no budget trying to get a foothold in this changing world and I feel this is a disgusting abuse of power to head off any small developer who may be working on something that may or may not compete with big tech companies especially without any up front disclosure of this.