Comparing OpenAI and ChatGPT; who's 9-Volt and how many mistakes it made

First of all, text-davinci-003 in Playground.

Human: Who is 9-Volt, from the WarioWare series?
Assistant: 9-Volt is a character from the WarioWare series created by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. He is a young boy who loves to make and play video games, often creating his own custom versions of popular titles. He is the son of Wario and Mona.

Then, ChatGPT.

Playground errors: 1.
Wario and Mona: No, they did not give birth to 9-Volt.
Chat errors: 1
Distorted Appearance: What does 9-Volt wear? Not that.
Wait, so ChatGPT is just a free version of the chatbot from Playground? Probably.

Free for now! I think they’re getting a LOT of data with the inputs from everyone in the chatGPT, and hopefully they will use it to improve both chat and regular GPT