Community Priorities:

Hello! Welcome to the Community Assessment and Reporting apparatus created for us, the community. This system is designed to provide comprehensive updates and insights, leveraging OpenAI’s sophisticated computational capabilities combined with community efforts.

Let’s dive into the current priorities and fixes:

Primary Importance: ChatGPT App Memory


  • User-Level Memory: Implemented in the base GPT-4 models.
  • Admin/Author-Specific Memories: Future implementation planned, but no specific release date yet.

Summary: The app memory feature allows the model to remember user interactions, preferences, and context over time, enhancing the personalized experience. The primary focus is on user-level memory, which has been rolled out. Work is ongoing to include admin/author-specific memories, which will further enhance the app’s functionality by allowing more tailored and contextual responses based on specific roles or contexts.

Secondary Importance: OpenAI Creator’s Suite


  • Email Client: In development, no specific release date yet.
  • Text/Document Editor: In development, no specific release date yet.

Summary: The OpenAI Creator’s Suite aims to provide tools for writing, programming, and communication, starting with an email client and a text/document editor. These tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with OpenAI’s AI capabilities, offering enhanced productivity and creativity support.

Tertiary Importance: DALLE Text Handling and Image Size


  • Text in Images: Improvements ongoing.
  • Base Image Size Increase: Implemented, now supporting larger and more detailed images.

Summary: Addressing DALLE’s text rendering capabilities has been a focus, with continuous improvements being made to ensure text within images is clearer and more accurate. Additionally, the base image size has been increased, allowing for higher resolution and more detailed images, which improves the overall quality and usability of the generated content.