Communication seems to be an issue with Open AI, plugin and other issues

First of all, I understand rollout of the plugin that allows ChatGPT to the internet is going to be slow. However, even responses to technical issues do not appear to be a typical company’s 24 to 48 hour cycle, it seems indefinite. I pay for a Plus account and I have experienced an error message literally almost every other question I ask ChatGPT, I’ve contacted support several days ago, given it negative feedback for each time it does this.

My next issue is the Plugin. There has only been two criteria that has been given for getting the plugin sooner than later and that is, giving feedback and having a Plus account and have been waiting patiently several weeks .I would like to be able to conduct research online.

Next, I don’t see any reason why monetizing ChatGPT is a bad thing in and of itself but, it has received tons of responses compared to one from another poster who wanted to know what the other criteria are to receive the plug in. Does one have to be doing something that is or will be highly profitable to ChatGPT or is doing research that may help those who are not as fortunate or have disabilities to use it before it become just another tool for the super rich to exploit? I am not trying to make this a class warfare thing as I am just saying that maybe, there should be a balance between profit and philanthropy…The biggest risk of AI therefore may not be a Skynet situation but, that the AI tech may exclude a huge swath of society that is not in the top percent club except to sell adds and bias the output from a future interested party.

So, to summarize 1. What criteria and hoops must one jump through besides giving feedback (is this Discord only?) 2. Is ChatGPT doiing as some in the press have critiqued and going from a “let’s benefit society” to a “lets make money exclusively” company? 3. How does one get tech support if they are a paying customer? Thank you for reading this. (edited to improve readability by improving structure)



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Mr. Logan,

I am a person with disabilities. Because of my disabilities, I’m not particularly good at words. I simply wanted my voice to be heard just as the many others who are people of color, LGBT+, disadvantaged or disabled. Maybe, instead of us saying “No” we can find a win-win. I was not saying those things to attack you but, to urge your company to consider a balance and always be open to listening to customer and constructive criticisms in general. I would love to have a dialogue with you. I am open to constructive criticism so I’d be happy to discuss perhaps toning down the post if there was something you believed was out of line. It took me two days to come up with this in a way that was cordial and respectful and I only ask that you give me the same courtesy. I want to see those publications like, ironically of one of the most pro-business (Fortune magazine) , running the article criticizing a lack of transparency and a change in direction from your original mission statement be proven wrong by doing what is right for not just the top tier of society but, all as you all originally intended and not like this: OpenAI is getting trolled for its name after refusing to be open about its A.I. | Fortune

However, as someone who is considering being an aspiring writer who wants to be objective and not judge based blindly on an agenda. I’m looking to connect with people not to fight them. Unfortunately, being someone who suffers from executive functioning issues I don’t always write things with the tone or intent I had in mind. I understand that you are likely a very well off individual now working with one of the most quickly famous companies, so I know your time is likely limited. However, maybe I deserve more than just a “No”. Now, I’ve been very open with you. I am hoping you will be the same with me.

Thank you

I can maybe help answer 1 and 2 by sharing my personal experience. My welcome email for access to the code interpreter plugin implied it was mainly because I signed up to ChatGPT early, December 1st if I remember correctly. I had also used the GPT-3 playground and received access to the GPT-4 API prior to this. In neither the GPT-4 API waitlist application nor the plugins application did I say I was doing important research or had a product idea, I think I made it clear that I was a regular person interested in testing their capabilities for myself.

As for support, I’m not really sure if there are options outside of forums like this and the Discord. Lately it has been directing me to but all I see are articles about basic questions, maybe they will have something there soon?

Also, if it’s any comfort, I don’t think Logan2 is an OpenAI employee. I don’t know why they said that.