Code snippets generated by chatgpt

I want to ask a question about a chatgpt Is selling code snippets generated by chatgpt on platforms like Envato ok i have searched on internet and there is nothing that says that it is illegal or not allowed to sell Chatgpt generated code snippets on Envato and other platforms

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I would recommend making minor adjustments to the code before you sell it, just to protect yourself against any kind of copyright issues, but code-wise, I don’t believe there is any issue selling GPT-generated code. It’s used by many folks as a programming aid in many industries, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. As always, just be careful.


It doesn’t violate OpenAI TOS as far as I am aware. However, code from gpt can be hit and miss and make things up so I would be carefully selling exact outputs that are wrong.

I am not aware of the platform you mention so I would check their TOS.