Code migration from Angular to Vue3 using GPT-4

I have a project which is developed using Angular, and is huge. I want to migrate this project into Vue3. I also have my own oxd library developed in vue3 for custom components (buttons, inputs, etc…). I want to know if this is possible to do with GPT-4 (or any available GPT models), or if there is anyone who has already done something similar? Appreciate your support, thanks in advance.

When you say “huge” do you mean just a gigantic monolithic block of unwieldy code with little to no functionality or proceduralization, or a large well organised codebase with easy to define blocks of code of typically less than a 100 or so lines?

If it’s the latter then you should be able to feed in those blocks one at a time and ask for a translation between languages with some wrapper prompting to let the model know what the code is and where it belongs and you may even be able to automate that to an extent, however, it is unlikely that you will just be able to feed it the folder name and it will just translate it all perfectly in one go.

It’s an interesting challenge that is best started with some experimentation.

The IBM folks made a lot of buzz around their watsonx application modernization stuff for a while. It eventually died down and I haven’t heard it mentioned since.

Unfortunately it’s not super easy or straightforward if you want to do it completely unsupervised. But if you sit down with some coffee you can knock out a ton of code in a short amount of time with gpt assistance if you’re familiar enough with both frameworks.

It might not be too difficult, you could write something to read the functions within the files, feed the raw string to GPT, test the result and repeat.