Code interpreter failed to find file

I am using code interpreter but after I upload a file, it says file not found. Anybody knows how to resolve?

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I am having the same problem! When I upload a file(tried with a variety of file types like pdf, zip and text), it just shows ‘file not found’ and ends the chat.

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I have very occasionally experienced issues like this. I usually chalk it up to transitory glitches in the system.

After uploading a file you can ask the system to list the contents of your directory and it’ll run the system command ls and report back.

it seems this is because my account is a new paid account. It took some time to set things up I suppose. Today is day 2 and I can use it fine.

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I’m glad things are working for you now!

Welcome to the community, I hope you’ll stick around and engage more and share things you’re working on. There are loads of brilliant people here working on all kinds of interesting things and I am learning new things every day.