Code interpreter encounters "puzzling" error

This is indeed quite puzzling, GPT… :man_bowing: Any ideas?

Perhaps you could share the rest of the context so we can see what’s going on?

This was the code it was executing

# Function to parse string representations of sets/lists into actual sets/lists
def parse_ids(ids_str):
    # If the string representation is of a list, use ast.literal_eval directly
    if ids_str.startswith('['):
        return set(ast.literal_eval(ids_str))
    # If the string representation is of a set, replace curly brackets with square ones before using ast.literal_eval
    elif ids_str.startswith('{'):
        ids_str = ids_str.replace('{', '[').replace('}', ']')
        return set(ast.literal_eval(ids_str))
        return set()

And it was line 9