Choices does not exist on run for chatting with assistant?

Hi all, I am modifying a script from Twilio to call and talk to chat GPT. I have the working script but I am wanting to talk to one of my gpt assistants instead of general gpt. I have modified the script but I am getting a line 47 error that choices does not exist. I have tried data, etc but cant seem to make it work.

Open ai version 4.24.1

try {
const openai = new OpenAIApi({ apiKey: context.OPENAI_API_KEY })
const assistant_id = “asst_ID”
const thread = await openai.beta.threads.create()

const run = await openai.beta.threads.runs.create(,
    assistant_id: assistant_id,
    instructions: "Please address the user as Jane Doe. The user has a premium account."
const gptResponse = run.choices[0].message.content;
console.log(`Response >>> ${gptResponse}`);


Property ‘choices’ does not exist on type ‘Run’.

Anyone call the assistants this way yet and can provide me some guidance??