Chatwithpdf plugin doesn't work

Hi again everyone! The plugin is now back up, fully functional, and am hoping to keep a more consistent uptime. It can handle PDFs of any length but might take some time for it to embed/load into our vector db. I haven’t tested the limits just yet.

Sometimes it might give an error but please just retry again, sometimes the service times-out while it is still being embedded/stores in the vector db in the background.

For example I was writing en essay for school and gave it a 300 page book to read – it failed the first time but I tried again and it gave me quotes relating to my theme for my essay.


Thanks friend,its work´s!!!

I dont have problem with this!

Regards Yamu!

I found the same thing Bill. I used all 3 available pdf analyzers. Asked them the same questions and none provided reliable (or any) results.

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This suggests an issue with the formatting of the documents you are uploading. Can you share an example? Maybe there’s something about the format that’s causing issues?

If you share an actual sample PDF here and your prompt that fails, I’m happy to try to replicate the issue.

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Hello everyone!!!
Who know how to uninstall this chatwithpdf plugin? I tried many times, but every time got error.

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Great to hear about this! I m not a Dev but I will try it when it is ready.

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Thanks for reaching out. If you don’t have developer access, we have to wait till OpenAI approves this.

I’ll let you know, just hope OpenAI does approve it. I was looking for dev to help test to improve the odds :).

Btw, how are you using ChatGPT?



Dear Amy,

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I worked on ChatWithPDF for a few days at best – just picked up the simple PyPDF library(GitHub - py-pdf/pypdf: A pure-python PDF library capable of splitting, merging, cropping, and transforming the pages of PDF files) to parse PDFs. Hoping to use more complex parsers to parse structured data within PDFs.

Unlike other plugins we embed PDFs into a vector database locally and search against it. Other parsers typically just dump the entire PDF which is an issue when dealing with 25+ page documents with text.

Let me know if I can help, email is

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That’s a lot of work you put into it with a vector store. I hope you can charge for it soon to cover the cost.

I think your plugin has great synergy with to create novel content from PDF papers.